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Li Keqiang Delivers an Important Speech at the UNECLAC, Stressing to Jointly Blaze a New Path for China-Latin America Comprehensive Cooperative Partnership
   On the afternoon of May 25 local time, Premier Li Keqiang delivered at invitation an important speech at the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNECLAC) in Santiago. Li Keqiang's wife Cheng Hong, President Michelle Bachelet of Chile, Executive Secretary of UNECLAC Alicia Bárcena Ibarra and others were present.
   Li Keqiang expressed that as an important cornerstone for world peace and stability, an emerging force for global prosperity and growth as well as an outstanding representative for inclusive and harmonious co-existence of mankind, Latin America has become a new rising "highland" in the international arena.
   Li Keqiang said that when visiting Latin America last year, President Xi Jinping put forward the building of a five-in-one new pattern for China-Latin America relations. China-Lain America relations are entering a new historical period featuring comprehensive cooperation. During my visit to the four Latin American countries, leaders of Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile and I reached broad consensus on deepening mutually beneficial cooperation, further cementing our confidence in China-Latin America friendly cooperative relations.
   Li Keqiang expressed that facing twists and turns in current world economic recovery process, all countries should complement each other's advantages and vigorously develop entity economy. A good recipe for driving economic growth and easing downward pressure is to develop equipment manufacturing industry, elementary raw materials industry and relevant service industries through expanding infrastructure construction. In an increasingly globalized world, by carrying out international production capacity cooperation or industrial and investment cooperation, namely, one country introduces competent equipments and production lines for construction materials as well as advanced technology and management experience needed by the infrastructure construction from other nations to meet its needs in the construction process, we can effectively reduce construction cost, expand employment and promote industrial diversification.
   Li Keqiang pointed out that as a major economy in the world, China is now facing a relatively great downward pressure. Since the beginning of this year, China's economy has kept a stable development momentum and we have confidence and capability to maintain our economic growth at a reasonable range thus achieve expected objectives for economic and social development this year. In the future, China will take numerous measures to push its economy to develop at a medium-to-high growth rate and toward a medium-to-high level. China will also implement a new round of higher-level opening-up, and this will bring new development opportunities to all countries.
   Li Keqiang emphasized that China will cement traditional friendship and political mutual trust with all Latin American countries, and together explore a new "3x3" cooperation pattern, improve and upgrade economic and trade cooperation, and constantly deepen people-to-people and cultural exchanges, thus join hands to blaze a new path for China-Latin America comprehensive cooperative partnership.
   Nearly 300 participators, including UNECLAC members and foreign envoys in Chile, responded Li Keqiang's speech with warm applauses. Upon leaving the meeting hall, Li Keqiang and his wife as well as Michelle Bachelet and Alicia Bárcena Ibarra bade farewell in a friendly manner.
   Alicia Bárcena Ibarra expressed that during his visit, Premier Li Keqiang and leaders of the four Latin American countries reached important consensus and yielded fruitful results in deepening bilateral relations as well as Latin America-China cooperation. The new "3x3" cooperation pattern in production capacity put forward by China meets the needs of Latin American countries as well as helps both sides connect their development strategies and transform and upgrade their practical cooperation. Latin American countries are willing to share China's development opportunities, as well as work with China to expand production capacity cooperation in infrastructure, industry and other areas, thus diversify economic and export structure, enhance connectivity of infrastructure construction and achieve overall development and prosperity in Latin America. The UNECLAC will continue deeply engaging in Latin America-China cooperation and contributing to continuous development of Latin America-China relations.
   Premier Li Keqiang ended his visit to Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile on May 26th. Many foreign experts believed that Premier Li Keqiang’s Latin American tour reflects China's growing involvement in the region through strengthening mutual benefits between China and Latin American countries, Premier Li achieved great success in this tour.