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Aim to promote the cultural exchanges between China and Argentina
Argentine pianist Miguel Angel Estrella held a recital at the National Theatre
Mr. Miguel Angel Estrella:
   • has the "Honorary Doctorate" titles from Charles de Gaulle University, Rottweiler Catholic University and Turkmen National University;
   • was awarded the "Legion of Honor" medal by French government;
   • was appointed as the ambassador of Argentina in UNESCO in 2003.
   Argentine Embassy recently held a reporter conference and announced that the Argentine pianist Miguel Angel Estrella held a recital at the National Theatre on May 19 for a great performance to the Chinese audiences. Argentine Ambassador to China H.E. Mr. Gustavo A. Martino delivered a speech at the press conference.
   Ambassador Gustavo Martino and Mr. Miguel Angel Estrella firstly welcomed Chinese and foreign media coming to Argentina Embassy. Mr. Miguel Angel Estrella said that President Xi Jinping visit to Latin America last July, which greatly promoted the cultural exchanges between China and Argentina as well as a large number of cooperation agreements signed between the two countries. I want to come here to play music. Having a recital in China is based on the importance of China to the while world.
   Mr. Miguel Angel Estrella is an internationally renowned Argentine pianist. When he was young, he followed the famous French composer and music educator Nadia Boulanger.
   The show is a tribute to one of the most famous writers in the twentieth century Mr. Julio Cortázar. Cortazar created the poem "The year without a summer" in 1970s. This poem was recreated into a music version and edited by Mr. Miguel Angel Estrella. At the recital, Mr. Miguel Angel Estrella will play this song as the show's opening song.
   In that evening, Mr. Miguel Angel Estrella also played Chopin and Liszt's tracks. One of Liszt's E minor is very famous in the history of music tracks. The track is 33 minutes long without a pause. Liszt was a perfect performer who combined sensual music with religious atmospheres. Based on this special combination, the track is divided into four stages: Fate, Mankind, Devil, and God. During the 33-minutes playing, he would express the emotional struggles through piano.
   Mr. Miguel Angel Estrella and his recital at the National Theatre left a great impression to all Chinese audiences.