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"Cross-Border Bridge" Connects to Los Angeles
Grand Opening Ceremony of Home and Abroad News Press Information Centre in Los Angeles, U.S.A

   Los Angeles is located in southern California of U.S.A; it is the largest seaport and the second largest city in the country. It is also a global leading centre in many areas, such as culture, science, technology, international trade and higher education. Many well-known organizations and institutions with different specialization are established here. In the recent years, Los Angeles has become the largest base for American petrol chemistry, oceanology, aerospace technology and electronics industry. Los Angeles enjoys its title as the "City of Science and Technology" based on its importance and contribution to American technological advancements. On May 20th, the President of Home and Abroad News Press Mrs. Yan Wei led a business delegation and visited Andrea Miller Inc.. Both parties together commenced the Grand Opening Ceremony for the Home and Abroad News Press Information Centre in Los Angeles.
   Ms. Andrea S. Miller, the CEO of Andrea Miller Inc. gave a warm welcome to the delegation. She said that her company aims to promote urban lifestyle and provide sustainable opportunities to cities and communities in California through discovering and offering more business opportunities in urban development. As an international multicultural corporation, Andrea Miller Inc. plays an important role in Los Angles' business community. Ms. Andrea S. Miller expressed her great interests to collaborate with Home and Abroad News Press for comprehensive cooperation.
   President Yan Wei thanked Andrea for her warm welcoming and reception. Mrs. Wei also extended her gratitude to Mr. Chris D. Nebe, the CEO of Monarex Hollywood Film Inc., for introducing Andrea to this partnership. Mrs. Yan Wei said that Home and Abroad News Press established an American branch before within Chinese American Post, located in Denver, in October 2006. Reporters from the American branch have continuously communicated and published many articles over the past 8 years, and they have interviewed many government officials and business leaders. This new Information Centre in Los Angeles will surely extend Home and Abroad News Press’ global network to 49 countries and 67 cities. This is a strong proof for the outstanding communication ability and diplomatic skills of this young and energetic media company. Home and Abroad News Press will continue to play active role in the international community to build more "cross-border bridges" between China and all countries around the world.
   Ms. Andrea Miller is extremely confident about founding this Information Centre in Los Angeles, and she hopes to frequently exchange information between China and U.S.A. to promote and provide more business opportunities to both countries in areas of politics, culture, economics, and investments through this tremendous platform. She believes that this platform will contribute positively to communications between Chinese and American enterprises. She also wishes to visit China in the near future....
   After signing the partnership agreement, Ms. Andrea Miller and Mrs. Yan Wei jointly concluded the opening ceremony.