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Sent Chinese people's friendship and greetings to U.S.
Home and Abroad News Press U.S. Delegation visited Joslyn Senior Center

   In the United States, our journalists learnt that American welfare system is well developed; people will not worry about their retirement issues. Government not only subsidizes the cost of living, but also offers free living place to those who have no children, that is called a senior home. Those services are free, including medical subsidies. In generally, if an American person has a family doctor, then he shouldn't worry about their living in the country.
   September 24th, our delegation visited Joslyn Senior Center, which is supported by the U.S. Government in Los Angeles. We sent the gifts and Chinese people's friendly greetings to those senior people. At the same time, this is to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of an American "honorary citizen".
   At the Joslyn Senior Center, the Dean Janine led us to a 102-year-old lady. One of our delegation members Ms. Riping Zhuo greeted to her in English, and on behalf of the delegation to wish her a happy, healthy, long life. The old lady smiled with pleasant feelings, she thanked all Chinese friends.
   During the visit, we learned that the pension system in the United States has more than 200 years of history. In order to ensure that the majority of people can be secured at their older ages, the social security schemes enforced by the government provide basic retirement security. The system covers 96% of the country's employed population, and is the cornerstone of the U.S. pension system.
   The Deputy Head of the Delegation, the CEO of Shaanxi Yulong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Mr. Yuke Zhao communicated with the senior people and gave them the latest technology healthcare products "Dr. Wu" pulse wave sphygmomanometer, Chinese traditional artworks and travel hats to the senior people. The delegation members also warmly invited them to China and spend the last years of their wonderful lives in China.
   Dean Janine was very grateful to see the delegation, she said, because of the development of science and technology, the quality of life in many countries has been greatly improved. American government has different senior healthcare programs to various groups of aged people. Joslyn Senior Center is a classic model in those programs.
   During the visit, the delegation members talked to old people. When they were looking at the red Chinese traditional gifts, they felt happy and thankful. We had a great time with them with joy, blessings and nice wishes!