"We are thankful to Home and Abroad News Press for its great efforts on promoting China and Jamaica's friendly exchanges!"
A Speech delivered by the Jamaican Ambassador to China, H.E. Mr. Ralph Thomas, at the 14th Anniversary Ceremony of Home and Abroad News Press
      Dear Madam Wei Yan, dear Chinese Officials, Foreign Ambassadors and Envoys to China and dear friends, good evening!

      今天我很荣幸站在这里领取 “2014年《中外新闻》时代新闻人物”奖,作为牙买加驻华大使--我代表我的国家和热情充满阳光的牙买加人,对这个奖项充满无限的感激和感谢。
      I am deeply honoured by the recognition provided by Home and Abroad News Press in bestowing on me the "2015 News Person of the Year Award", which I humbly accept on behalf of myself, my family and in the name of the People and beautiful country of Jamaica that I represent as Ambassador.

      Home and Abroad News Press has always been committed to promote the friendships between the people of China and countries across the world. Human civilization and development can best be promoted by first deepening the understanding between peoples of the world through political exchanges, information sharing and awareness of cultural, social and economic diversity of nations. This builds trust and creates the capability to partner in mutually beneficial development of our nations. We especially appreciated the celebration event like tonight, the 14th Anniversary of Home and Abroad News Press, for giving us such great opportunity to share and enjoy.

      The bilateral relationship between China and Jamaica has deepened over the 42 years since Jamaica adopted the One China Policy. This has been facilitated by numerous political exchanges and visits by Leaders of China and Jamaica and political, social, cultural and economic exchanges and cooperation over the years. In the past 42 years, both countries have been continuously developing the cooperation in political, economic, social and other fields. China has become an important investment country to Jamaica in infrastructure, roads, railways, port constructions as well as in tourism and related industries. Our connection and business trade have been greatly improved. Because of Jamaica's ideal geographic location and advantage, more and more Chinese companies and entrepreneurs are investing in Jamaica to extend their business lines.

      Jamaica is a hospitable country that welcomes Chinese visitors to enjoy our unique and beautiful island. We have made it easier to do so by waiving Tourism Visa requirements for Chinese nationals, so welcome to Jamaica! I take this opportunity to pay tribute to the members of the Chinese community in Jamaica whose ancestors first arrived over 150 years ago and played a key role in many areas including development of Jamaican Reggae Music, Culture, Distribution, and in the field of Finance and Tourism. As an excellent media in China, Home and Abroad News Press plays an important role in further deepening the friendship between our two countries, and I thank Home and Abroad Press and other members of the media community for your strong support in this area and for the honour of this prestigious Award.

      Once again, we are thankful to Home and Abroad News Press for its great efforts on promoting China and Jamaica's friendly exchanges! I wish all of you enjoy this beautiful evening! Thank you very much!
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