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A speech delivered by Deputy Secretary of Publication Bureau of the CPC Central Committee Mr. Zhang Fan at the 14th Anniversary Ceremony of Home and Abroad News Press
      Dear Minister of the North Sea, Dear Miss Wei Yan and foreign news agencies all colleagues, distinguished ambassadors, ladies and gentlemen, Hello everybody evening!

      Today is a very happy occasion because we are celebrating the 14th birthday of Home and Abroad News Press. Congratulations! Not long ago, China has attracted worldwide attention as the national congresses successfully completed in Beijing. Many national representatives and party members made a lot of great suggestions and advice for our motherland's future development. The growth of Home and Abroad News Press over the past 14 years has witnessed our country deepening the reformation and opening up process and the rapid development of our economic and social upgrades. In the past 14 years, Home and Abroad News Press is like a bridge connecting China with the whole world.

      The 14-year growth of Home and Abroad News Press is a good example of China's peaceful rise. As an important leader in this organization, Mrs. Wei Yan also made remarkable contributions to the international communities. She received many prizes and awards, including the Presidential Award, the Royal Medal and other high recognitions from many countries and the United Nations.

      在过去的一年里,中外新闻社又有了新的发展。刚才韦燕女士也谈到反腐倡廉这件事情,这是一个国际性的大课题。中共十八大以来,以习近平同志为总书记的党中央,胸怀强烈的责任感和使命感,勇担重任,接力奋斗,大气魄治党治国治军,大手笔运筹国内国际大局,推动改革发展稳定、内政外交国防各领域出现崭新局面。特别在反腐倡廉方面,引起了整个社会的共鸣和高度赞扬。今年2月2日,第六十八届联合国主席威廉先生出访澳门,出席中外新闻社主持召开的 “国际廉政观察员会议”和《反腐倡廉警示录》座谈会。在这个会议上威廉主席给予了高度评价。而且发出了热情的邀请,希望能把中国反腐倡廉的经验通过媒体介绍给给世界。我想这一点正是充分发挥了我们新闻媒体的独特作用。
      In the past year, Home and Abroad News Press has been another new development. Just like Mrs. Wei Yan shared with us before, Fighting with corruption has been a huge international issue for many countries. After the CPC's 18th Session, President Xi Jinping shares a strong sense of responsibility and mission in mind to stabilize and reform Chinese domestic and foreign policies through comprehensive governance on national defense, national security, Chinese armies and all social levels for creating a refreshed new China in the international community. In particular, the anti-corruption series actions have won high appraise and recognition from the general public. February 2nd this year, when the 68th President of the United Nations visited Macau and attended the "International Anti-Corruption Observers Conference" & the "Anti-Corruption Warning Record" Meeting, hosted by Home and Abroad News Press. At this meeting, the UN President spoke highly to introduce China's successful experience to the world through various media channels. I think this is how news media plays a unique role in today's information society.

      My dear friends, the Chinese people are working very hard to realize the China's Dreams. This "China's Dreams" includes many goals for the next two centuries. At the 100th anniversary of the founding our Communist Party, China will complete building the well-off society for everyone. At the 100th anniversary of the founding our country, China must truly become a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious socialist country. When these two goals are achieved, China will be able to make greater contributions to the world. Let us work together; especially we have many foreign friends here tonight. You also give us a lot of support to China's growth and development. In the future, let's connect even more to realize the "China's Dreams" and make a better world for all people.

      Once again, we congratulate Home and Abroad News Press for its 14th birthday and wish a great success for tonight's event and all award winners.

      Thank you everyone!
中共中央宣传部新闻出版局副局长     张凡先生
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