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Bandung spirit will last forever
Asian and African leaders attending the 60th Anniversary of the Bandung Conference

   60 years passed by so quickly, Asian and African countries, containing over 80% of the world population, are celebrating a meaningful day in the history. On April 24th, many countries leaders gathered together for the 60th Anniversary of the Bandung Conference. They walked from the Savoy - Homan hotel to the historic site of the Bandung Conference to replay the similar scene like 60 years ago.
   April 24th, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the Asian-African Summit and the Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Bandung Conference. This special trip is to respect the history and promote the Bandung spirit. In the first plenary session of the Asian-African Summit, invited by the Indonesian President Joko Widodo, Xi Jinping delivered the first speech.
   "Under the new situations, the Bandung spirit still has strong vitality. We must vigorously carry forward the Bandung spirit and give it new meanings for the new era......" Xi Jinping spoke highly for the Bandung spirit.
   The conference hall was packed. More than 20 country leaders from Asia and Africa, more than 90 government delegations and representatives from different countries, the United Nations, the ASEAN, the Arab League, the African Union, the European Union as well as other international and regional organizations attended the summit.
   60 years of trials and hardships, Asian and African countries were self-reliant and hard working to make big differences. The rise of emerging powers and those developing countries profoundly changed the world pattern. The historical missions of the Asian and African countries have changed from fighting for independence and liberation to creating a common development model for the win-win cooperation.
   In his speech, Xi Jinping took a global perspective to search for peace, development, cooperation and win-win deals in today's world. This concept received positive responses from the summit participants and the general public.
   60 years ago, in April 1955, Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Pakistan and other Asian and African developing countries gathered in Bandung to work together against colonialism and for independence and self-development. "Bandung Conference" connected China with those Asian and African countries to seek common economic development, eliminate colonialism and disgrace, create unity and solidarity as well as maintain the world peace.
   With the rise of a large number of Asian and African countries, especially the emerging countries, the world is facing many traditional and non-traditional conflicts, crises and challenges. How to establish a more reasonable new international order to meet the new demands of Asian and African countries for creating and maintaining a better world for all? In 60 years ago, China introduced the "Five Principles in the International Relations" at the Bandung Conference, and the concept was wildly accepted and agreed by the Asian and African countries. China has become the world's second largest economy. To further connect with Asia, Africa and Europe continents, China now introduced another initiative "One Belt And One Road" to establish the modem "Silk Road" in order to deepen regional and inter-regional cooperation, promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, building multi-level and comprehensive Asia-Africa cooperation models in the new global settings.
   Bandung spirit will last forever!