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The French Prime Minister's visit to China for "Commercial Diplomacy"
China and France signed a number of economic and trade cooperation agreements

   Invited by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls made a state visit to China between January 29th and 31st. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls's visit to China officially started the “Commercial Diplomacy” with China; as a result, China and France signed a number of cooperation agreements in energy, aviation, finance and other important sectors.
   On the 29th of January, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang witnessed the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreements at the Great Hall of the People. Most of the agreements are related to the natural energy, nuclear power, reusable recourses and finance sectors.
   Li Keqiang pointed out that France and China should continue the cooperation in traditional areas, including nuclear energy, aerospace, high-speed railways and etc. Both countries will also explore the third-party markets. Prime Minister Valls said that France will continue the joint efforts with China to consolidate and promote the positive momentum of bilateral exchanges in various fields. France will deepen the collaboration with China in the aerospace, nuclear energy, finance, agriculture, high iron, new energy vehicles, and tourism through engaging the third markets.
   The major theme of Prime Minister Valls' visit to China is the "Economic and Trade Cooperation". Among all cooperation agreements, the one between China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (CGN) and French Hydro is the highlight. According to the agreement, the two sides will focus on nuclear power technology and related specific areas to strengthen the design of nuclear safety improvement and promote technical exchange between the two countries.
   To French side, exporting the nuclear technology has been an important component in the bilateral trade. This agreement will further deepen the partnership with China. To Chinese side, this cooperative opportunity marks the well-developed cooperation between the China and France.
   Prime Minister Valls' expressed that France attaches great importance to developing relations with China. The current bilateral relationship development is positive and smooth, both sides will continue to promote cooperation in various fields with more strategic significance and partnerships.