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"China is an important cooperative partner of Angola"
Exclusive Interview with Angolan Ambassador to China H.E. Mr. Joao Garcia Bires

   China and Angola established diplomatic relations since January 12th, 1983. And since then, both countries have increased significant level of cooperation and better relationships in politics, economics and other fields. On June 2006, Premier Wen Jiabao paid an official visit to Angola, and both countries issued joint statements. On December 2008, President Dos Santos visited China as well. By the year 2007, the trade value between China and Angola has reached 14.1 billion US dollars, which is an increase of 19.4% from the previous year. We recently interviewed Ambassador Mr. Bires on his thoughts regarding the cooperation between China and Angola.
   "Good morning Mr. Ambassador, China and Angola established the diplomatic relations about 30 years ago. As the ambassador to China, could you please share your views about China?"
   Mr. Bires mentioned that under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the rapid development of China has made significant impact to the world. China is a friendly nation and the Chinese people offer great hospitality. The changes after the Chinese reform and opening up as a nation gave me the most remarkable impression. Among the eight Portuguese-speaking countries, Angola is China's second largest trading partner.
   "During your term in China, how will you promote bilateral cooperation in various sectors for the two countries?"
   Mr. Bires commented that, over the recent years, Angola and China experienced rapid growth in economic cooperation through key sectors such as finance, energy, projects and labor contracts. The success of these cooperation led Angola to be China's largest trading partner in the African continent and the world's second largest petrol supply nation. During my term in China, I will continue to extend cooperation in areas including humanity, environment, and law. I also hope to facilitate more communication between the people of the two countries.
   Mr. Joćo Garcia Bires not only possess the abundant diplomatic knowledge but also has a romantic poet's heart. He published many works on Czech, Hungarian and other European newspapers, magazines, as well as several poetry and prose books. In his opinion, the exchange of cultural experiences is an extremely important part of great diplomatic relations. He expressed that he will assist in the establishment of a Confucius Institute in Angola, which will enhance the forms of exchange and enrich the cultural exchange between the two countries. He also said: "I will definitely create some literature works about China in the near future!"