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Exclusive interview with the first son of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib bin Abdul Razak, Mr. Mohd Nizar Najib
"I'm empowered by my father Najib's encouragement to promote and develop China and Malaysia's friendly relationship."

   The first son of the current Malaysian Prime Minister Najib bin Abdul Razak, Mr. Mohd Nizar Najib is only 37 years old. He is not only born in a highly respected family in Pahang Malaysia, but also established a great career through his own efforts. His grandfather, Mr. Tun Abdul Razak bin Haji Dato' Hussein Al-Haj, was the second Prime Minister of Malaysia, who was known as the "Father of Malaysia's Growth". His father, Mr. Najib bin Abdul Razak, is the current Prime Minister of Malaysia, who also believes "One Malaysia: People First, Efficiency First". On March 23rd, Mr. Mohd Nizar Najib met with Home and Abroad News Press journalist delegation to Kuala Lumpur and accepted our exclusive interview request. He said: "I'm empowered by my father Najib's encouragement to promote and develop China and Malaysia's friendly relationship." He is committed to make more efforts and contributions to develop China and Malaysia's economic, trading, investment and financial cooperation.
   "Hello, Mr. Najib. In 2013, the bilateral trading volume between China and Malaysia reached $100billion USD level. The trade record was broken again in 2014. China has been the largest trading partner of Malaysia. In your opinion, what are the factors making this result possible?" Mrs. Wei Yan asked in the interview.
   "Currently, China and Malaysia's relationship is well-developed and very close in many levels. In my father's opinion: seeking growth opportunities and prosperity is the common goal for both China and Malaysia. This kind of close partnership not only created benefits for the two countries, but also provided a strong support for regional stability and harmony. Malaysian government always commits to create mutually respectful, mutually trustworthy, mutually collaborative and mutually supportive environments with foreign countries. Therefore, Malaysia could easily deepen the partnership with China. We wish the bilateral relationship will reach another new high in 2015 between China and Malaysia." He also said: "My grandfather and father had a long-term vision, and they believed that China is a trustworthy partner to Malaysia. When my grandfather established the diplomatic relationship for China and Malaysia, many people questioned his decision. He firmly believed that Malaysia could do a lot of things with China, and China will always keep its promises. The trust between the two countries has been tested over long time. History proved that his point was correct, my father also shared the same view."
   Mr. Najib expressed that as the relationship between China and Malaysia getting closer and closer, the two countries will strengthen the cooperation in many sectors, including energy, infrastructure construction, regular constructions, oil and gas, natural resource, real estates, automobile, textile, electrical and electronic component. The bilateral cooperation projects are improving in both quality and quantity.
   In 2013, more than 1.8 million Chinese tourists visited Malaysia. When we asked about the possibility of granting visa-free or visa-on-arrival policies to Chinese visitors, Mr. Najib answered: "On January 21st, my father already announced to waive visa application fees for all Chinese visitors. The decision on granting visa-free or visa-on-arrival policies to Chinese visitors will be examined and discussed in the Malaysian Cabinet because of many factors to be considered."
   Mr. Najib also highly valued the civil exchanges between the two countries. In his opinions, this is the strong base for China and Malaysia's friendship. He wished the governments and people of the two countries can organize more events and programs to further develop the existing relationship.
   At the end of the interview, Mr. Najib and the President of Home Abroad News Press Mrs. Wei Yan jointly presented the "Malaysian Branch of Home and Abroad News Press" plaque to the Managing Director of Malaysian Branch, Dato' Seri Dr. Alex Teh Chee Teong.