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Former Deputy Minister of International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Mr. Li Beihai delivered a speech at the 14th Anniversary of Home and Abroad News Press


   Ladies and gentlemen, friends, good evening, everyone!
   First of all, I would like to thank Home and Abroad News Press to invite me to this grand celebration banquet tonight. I want to express my warm congratulations to Mrs. Wei Yan and her Home and Abroad News Press for the 14th anniversary. We wish a happy birthday to Home and Abroad News Press. In the past 14 years, Mrs. Wei Yan and her team always made persistent and consistent efforts to closely follow up international, regional and national events with the spirit of peace and harmonious diplomacy. They delivered many timely, in-depth and objective news reports about all major events happened in China and around over the world. They travelled to different places to gather the first-hand information, and they are closely connected to many high-level contacts in political, business, diplomatic, cultural, media, and international organizations. They make friends around the world and deepen the friendship between China and other countries. Their sincerity, friendly manners and aggressive spirit have won respect and recognition from all levels and all countries. At the same time, more and more people learnt about the real China through this well-establish media, Home and Abroad News Press has made remarkable contributions to promote and develop the friendship between Chinese people and all people around the world. Today, we are gathering here in this wonderful ceremony event, I want to express my warm congratulations once again to Mrs. Wei Yan and Home and Abroad News Press. We really appreciated their hard work and great achievements over the past 14 years. I wish they will make more accomplishments in the years to come. At the same time I want to send my personal congratulations to all prize winners of "Home and Abroad News Press The News Person of the Year". Finally, I wish all of you good health, happy family and prosperity in the New Year!

Mr. Li Beihai