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Attending Officials:
Australian Councillor Mr. David Weiley
Manager Business Migration, State of Victoria, Mr. Jay Haugh
Deputy Mayor of Burwood city, Centre of Sydney, Mr. Henson Liang

Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales and the largest city in Australia. Sydney is not only the oldest, the most prosperities and colorful city in Australia, but also it is the centre for major manufactory, business, financial services, transportation, tourism and foreign trading port. In May 1986, Sydney became the sister city with Guangzhou in China. In order to promote further Sydney and Australia into Chinese markets, 11:18 am July 17th, Home and Abroad News Press grandly opened its “Australian Branch Sydney Information Center” in Downtown Sydney. Australian Councillor Mr. David Weiley, Manager Business Migration of Victoria, Mr. Jay Haugh, Deputy Mayor of Burwood city, Centre of Sydney, Mr. Henson Liang, Managing Director of Australia Chinese Newspaper Group, Mrs. Elizebeth Luo, the president of Chinatown.com, Mr. James Tang and many other distinct guests attended the grand opening ceremony. The Medal of Order of Australia receiver, Mr. David Mann OMA sent over his congratulation message as well.
The Chief Information Officer of North-North Network associated with the United Nations, the President of Home and Abroad News Press, Mrs. Yan Wei delivered a welcoming speech at the beginning of the opening ceremony, she said: “When China and Australia are facing great opportunities for bilateral developments, it is our pleasure to invite all distinct guests from Australian governments, trading authorities, cultural industry and press, and local Chinese communities to join our grand opening of Sydney Information Centre, we all feel excited about this important strategic move. On the behalf of the board of directors and the administrative committee of Home and Abroad News Press, I warmly welcome you and appreciate your kindly support.”
Mrs. Wei also said that Australia is a good brother and great partner of Chinese people. Australia enjoys political stability, a sound system of financial services, advanced technology R & D platform and a good natural environment and strategic location, all of which provide excellent investment protections to Chinese investors. China has become Australia's largest trading partner. In order to further promote China and Australia economic trades, culture, tourism, education cooperation, Home and Abroad News Press established the Australian Branch in Melbourne in October 2006. Since then, the branch reporters have sent many valuable information and high-level interview reports back to the main Hong Kong office. Today, we are together in this beautiful international city - Sydney and open a new Information Center here. Up to Now, Home and Abroad News Press has reporters around the world and established local branches and liaison offices in more than 40 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, France and the United Kingdom. Each branch actively cooperates with local governments, media partners, business associations and local communities to demonstrate the excellent competence and diplomatic relation management skills of Home and Abroad News Press talented journalists. Those efforts positively build the brand image of the company on the international stage and made the company as a solid cross-border bridge……
Australian Councillor Mr. David Weiley, the Manager Business Migration of Victoria, Mr. Jay Haugh and the Deputy Mayor of Burwood city, Mr. Henson Liang also delivered speeches respectively in the ceremony. They expressed their support and close attentions on the newly established information center. They said that Home and Abroad News Press has great international influence through its well-established networks and brand reputation. In Mr. David Weiley’s speech, he said that “China and Australia have a long history on cultural exchanges and economic and trade exchanges. The Australian people really like the Chinese people’ consistent desire of learning and strong work ethics.” Mr. Weiley has leaded a number of governmental delegations to China, and China is one of his favourite countries. He congratulated to the new Sydney Information centre. He also wished to provide more information on Australian political, cultural, economic, and business investment opportunities to Chinese people with the joint efforts from the Chief Information Officer Mrs. Min Li and the president of the press center Mr. Jianxiong Huang. He believed that, through the new platform, the companies and enterprises from China and Australia will build more success in many different fields, and he will definitely visit China again in the near future.
All participating guests believe that the media industry is one of the most sensitive fields. It is not only related to economic interests and also, more importantly, the media is the key source of political and cultural information. In today's world, confrontation and cooperation, conflict and integration among media companies all relate to political and economic interests as well as cultural differences. The manager of Victoria provincial government Mr. Jay Haugh shared his personal feelings in his speech. “In the recent years, China and Australia trade cooperation has developed rapidly, China has become our largest trading partner. During my service in the state government of Victoria as the manager of business migration, I was pleasantly surprised by Chinese prominent business people who immigrated to Australia, especially Melbourne, Victoria in the past few years. The immigration number is increasing, and those talents are not only improving goods and services trading activities between the two countries, but also establishing a great foundation for cultural exchange. The media companies inside or outside Australia are very important channels for connecting Australia and all other countries around the world and further promoting Australian business, culture, trading, education and many fields. Home and Abroad News Press Australian Branch Sydney Information Center will definitely enhance the communication channel and improve information exchange and business cooperation in the future. We will provide necessary assistance to this brand new platform……”
During the ceremony, the president of Home and Abroad News Press Mrs. Yan Wei awarded the letter of appointment issued by the Board of Directors to the new Director of Information Center Mr. Jianxiong Huang and the Chief Reporter (Australia JP) Mrs. Min Taylor. Both of them immigrated to Australia many years ago. With their superior journalist skills and a wide range of social relations, they have high reputation in the local community. In the opening ceremony, they both expressed their desire to actively promote Australia's political stability and economic prosperity as well as the Sydney-based innovative economy, opened culture, mature education system and tourism programs to the Chinese markets. Also, they will try the best to make Home and Abroad News magazine penetrated into the Australian market with their comprehensive journalist and diplomat’s characters.
In the opening ceremony, the reporters from Australian mainstream Chinese media companies including Australia Chinese Newspaper Group and Chinatown.com shared their views on China and Australia current issues and future cooperation. All participants agreed that there is urgent need for China and Australia to strengthen the information sharing channels and through those channels to increase interaction and exchange of information among the media companies and the external parties.
After the ceremony, all guests toasted to celebrate for the newly born Sydney Information Center with joyful music ... ...